At MARKENFILM SCHWEIZ, everything we do is about one thing:

always aim for the highest quality possible!

We work with brilliant people, talented individuals and teams.

We stand for creativity, integrity and excellence in every area

of the changing media landscape: TV commercials,

branded content, corporate films, interactive installations and more.

Markenfilm Schweiz is a film production company based in Zurich.

Markenfilm Schweiz - Uli Scheper

Uli Scheper

Managing Director

Markenfilm Schweiz - Michael Gloor

Michael Gloor


Markenfilm Schweiz - Florian Studer

Florian Studer


Markenfilm Schweiz - Christopher Graage

Christopher Graage

Digital Producer

‭+41 78 700 82 90‬‬‬‬‬

Salome Raynal

Production Coordinator

Markenfilm Schweiz - Nicola Duppenthaler

Nicola Duppenthaler

Production Assistant

Markenfilm Schweiz - Claudius Stocker

Claudius Stocker


Markenfilm Schweiz - Accounting

Jeannine & Vera


+41 44 200 72 00