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Andreas Bruns


Always ambitious, emotional and breathtaking. Andreas loves to play with genre and cinematic storytelling.

Andreas grew up in Sauerland, Germany, an area well known for lakes, mountains and beer brands, which obviously had an influence on his career choice as a commercial director.
Our hero’s journey began when he left his cute, sleepy village in search of filmmaking knowledge. He started to gather experience by working at various film production companies in Germany and, later, Canada. Going to the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg proved to be a turning point in his story; Andreas was able to channel his experiences to perfect his cinematic storytelling.
Andreas has made commercials for McDonalds, NETFLIX, Mercedes-Benz, Harley-Davidson, Lux and Einstök beer. They have won him countless awards, including five Young Director’s Awards at Cannes, First Steps, Clio Image Award and Deutscher Werbefilmpreis


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