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Elisha Smith-Leverock


Splitting her time between London and Berlin, Free The Bid ambassador Elisha’s background is practically speaking just as diverse as her work. Elisha started her career in photography before going on to produce an award winning body of work covering everything from fashion film to music video and of course commercials for a diverse range of well known brands. Elisha’s passion for film is marked by a desire to explore. She’s developed a talent for transforming even the seemingly most ordinary of subject matter into a transportive experience that feels both aesthetically accomplished and alive. Her work’s defined by a sense of nuance and detail, blending a deep seated conceptual understanding of a subject with a stylish knack for visuals often venturing into the ever-so-slightly stylised or surreal. These are films steeped in colour: graphic, modern and bold. Never afraid to speak their mind but at the same time, charmingly human in their subtle sense of humour and ever present warmth. Drawing from her own personality and background, Elisha’s always worked to champion diversity in everything she does, able to being a fresh, contemporary perspective to a project that more often than not will make a film unique.


MOBILIAR CSR Locarno Filmfestival 2018


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