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Fernando Livschitz


Introducing people to Fernando Livschitz’s work is like watching a little kid opening presents on their birthday. With every film he makes, Fernando give us a smile, a grin and opens the door for us to experience a few moments of absolute joy. Uplifting, dream-like and playful Fernando Livschitz’s work has been described as “magic realism”. His stories unfold organically and effortlessly showing the extraordinary as something commonplace and entirely normal . Livschitz transposes fantasy elements into meticulously captured contemporary backdrops.

His passion projects go viral rapidly and at the last count in 2021, had been seen over 200 million times. His creative output ranges from photograph and film to branded content to music videos, visual arts to digital content. Based in Buenos Aires , Argentina, Fernando has directed all around the world for brands such as Mac, Renault, Nissan, Audi, Real Madrid and Coca Cola. All his clients agree that they feel better about life after watching his work. We couldn’t agree more.

Anywhere can happen

Beautiful chaos

Vienna is like

Q8 Fly