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Sandro Rados


Watching Sandro´s films is a sometimes challenging, often thrilling and always gripping experience. The intensity and directness of his work creates an immediate connection between viewer and action that won´t break up even as the very last frame has long gone by. Maybe his visually powerful yet emotionally intriguing kind of creative thinking dates back to his schooldays where he was committed to shooting Hi8 skate-videos and short films. Maybe he was influenced by his years as a bass player and singer of an indie-rock band or possibly shaped by his active service in a special forces unit of the Swiss Armed Forces where jumping out of helicopters and blowing up things was part of his daily routine. It might also well be that Sandro, grandson of a documentary filmmaker and photographer, is the innocent victim of his genetic predisposition that just left him no choice. Be that as it may. Today Sandro´s work speaks for itself - honest, bold, daring, intuitive and most of all - loud and clear.


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