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Natascha Vavrina


“To me, film is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful,

freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are.

It's freedom.“

The words and works of the great artists of our time are a never-ending inspiration for Natascha Vavrina.

As a teenager she worked at several art-galleries to be able to attend rock concerts at the weekends therefore she spent her weekdays staring at pictures and paintings. In this way her great interest in art and music was awakened. At an early age she herself began to paint and photograph. Film was just the natural next step. She graduated in film directing at the University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland, where she also lives.

She traveled a lot to learn more about other cultures and to spend some time underwater. While diving in nearly all the waters of the world she also learned how to shoot underwater.

Today she not only works as a young, innovative director, but as a director of photography as well. Thanks to her elaborate and experimental camerawork and her use of lighting, she won the newcomer award of the “Deutscher Kamerapreis”, in 2018.

She often unites the work of the director and the camerawoman and thereby gets a very close and direct view of a person, a story or a feeling.

That way she creates her own powerful short films, music videos, dance films, documentaries, video installations and is now working on her first feature film.


Mach keis Fass uf - Trailer